Consultant for Holistic Health
Master of Arts in Illustration
Bachelor of Arts in Scientific Illustration

Janice Sidler Reed

1985– In Switzerland i had a wonderful childhood between Lake Zurich, the soccer field and the forest. With a Swiss father and a South-African mother, I was raised with two very different cultural influences that have greatly impacted my interests and my later design work. During my teenage years I lived in South Africa and graduated from the German School Pretoria with a diploma qualifying me for European university admission. Back in Switzerland I studied Scientific Illustration and started working as an Illustrator after graduating. For over three years I also lectured Illustration to different age groups. In 2019 I moved to the USA, Alabama, to come stay with my husband and our dog.

About my Work

I’m an illustrator and an all-round designer. I love variety and diversity in my projects. With every design-request, I can dive into a new challenging subject. Finding visual solutions is what drives me. As diverse as my life is, so are my interests and my work: sometimes illustrative, often graphic, playful at times, or even scientific. I adapt my style to suit the projects needs and to meet the clients’ requests.
For any requests or further information please contact me via my contact link. I am your partner for any visual communication: Editorial and Web Illustration, Infographics, Storyboards or Animations. I collaborate with animators, graphic designers and web programmers, therefor I am capable of finding a professional and efficient solution for every project, including yours.